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About Us

How It All Started

Entrepreneurs always think differently and find an opportunity in anything, while I was quarantined for 3 months at home due to COVID-19 situation in the world, I decided to start a new business instead of wasting my time watching movies. My goal with this project is to deploy more of #noexcuses mindset and provide value to the community.

When you enter a room, the first thing everyone notices is your style until you start talking, that’s why I decided to use clothing as a way to share my thoughts and perspective with the world and I started The Hustle Kit.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Disney they all started in a garage and I decided to start from my couch.

Mano Guiragossian

Our Definition of Hustle

We don’t define hustle by working 20 hours a day and not having sleep, we define it by: hard work, focus and dedication for what you love while hustling in other areas of your life as well such as “Health, relationships, personal life”.



Itโ€™s about the process, not the trophy

Our promise is to create an experience thatโ€™s meaningful and provides greater value for you. We deliver on that promise with attention to detail and quality for every single product we deliver to you.

Our aim is to build a strong community of entrepreneurs and hustlers that support each other and inspire others to create businesses around the things they love.



Join us and letโ€™s change the world together!

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